Estate Purchasing, Anitques & Collectibles

Ron Pingenot LLC is always on the lookout for Estate sales to bring new (old) unique items into it's huge inventory.  Come in today and see the beautiful items that we have recently added to our collection.  We keep our inventory large by acquiring items from people and places all over the world.  If you have gold, silver, jewels, gems, stones, fossils, minerals, antiques, collectibles or any other vintage pieces, we would love to consider adding them to our collection.  Feel free to stop by our Lakewood location or give us a call at 303-985-9144 today!

Ron Pingenot LLC also carries a wide range of collectibles, antiques, and estate jewelry in their massive inventory.  This collection isn't limited to just gems, stones, minerals, fossils and jewelry - it also includes any number of picture frames, containers, mirrors, place settings, pictures/art, glassware, jewelry boxes, and anything else that may be considered anitique/vintage/collectible.